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Witness Preparation : Don't Let Your Witness Get Trapped (video)


Have you ever had a witness trap herself by her own words while testifying. That's a rhetorical question. You have. When it happens, it's terrible for the witness because her anxiety increases and she ends up admitting to things that aren't true, agreeing with opposing counsel's themes and theories, and ultimately harming the case.

Why does this happen? It's because while witnesses might be well prepared on what the facts are, they frequently aren't prepared on HOW to deliver those facts in an adversarial setting.

Watch this short video demonstrating how quickly a witness can dig her own grave.

Scenarios like this unfold everyday across the country, either in depositions or in open court. It doesn't have to happen. That's where trial consultants can help. Attorneys are excellent at preparing witness on the facts of the case, and trial consultants are excellent at teaching witnesses how to communicate while under oath. Jointly, attorneys and trial consultants give witnesses the best chance of not only surviving their testimony, but thriving.

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