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Jury Selection

Being armed at trial with the right voir dire questions, questioning technique, and overall jury selection strategy, in addition to a having trained social scientist at your side, can mean the difference between a verdict for you and your client or a verdict for your opponent.   The most common, costly, and unnecessary mistakes that we can help you avoid during voir dire are the following: 

  • Asking the wrong questions

  • Asking questions in the wrong way

  • Rehabilitating the wrong jurors

  • Talking about the wrong things

  • Inadvertently alienate jurors

  • Failing to follow up effectively

  • Neglecting to conduct social media research and use it effectively

How do you know if you are wasting valuable time and missing important opportunities leading up to and during voir dire?  How do you know if you are unwittingly committing some, if not all of the items listed above? 


Trial consultants trained in the social sciences and who are skilled in the art and science of group dynamics, who understand the constraints and nuances of the jury selection process can help. They can provide guidance so you avoid the mistakes listed above.  They can also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of tracking jurors' responses in open court and understand the meaning behind those responses. This can make your job easier during jury selection and enhance your ability to get cause challenges supported by the Judge and to make the right peremptory challenges.   

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