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Focus Groups

Designed to help attorneys understand early in discovery what matters to potential jurors in any piece of litigation, Focus Groups reveal how potential jurors might react to important elements of the case.  Rather than relying on best guesses or conventional wisdom to decide on a case strategy, themes, and theories, a well conducted Focus Group helps counsel understand what makes sense to, and resonates with, potential decision makers so the right case preparation plan can be developed and carried through discovery and trial.

Focus Groups explore key variables and topics related to a case.  The following points are examples of what's often altered and refined – or sometimes completely abandoned – based on the findings of a Focus Group:

  • Case themes

  • Case theories

  • Graphics

  • Fact and Expert Witnesses

  • Beliefs about how jurors would react to the basic fact pattern

The format of a Focus Group is flexible and semi-informal, and it includes a substantial amount of feedback from mock jurors throughout the course of the project.  An experienced Litigation IQ trial consultant works closely with counsel to plan, develop, and execute the Focus Group format that suits the specifics of the case.

Throughout the Focus Group, all presentations, juror discussions and consultant-facilitated debriefings are fed via closed-circuit TV to a client view room and a full written report of findings and recommendation is provided after the results have been synthesized.

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