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Post-Trial Juror Interviews

Post-Trial Juror Interviews provide answers to questions that might plague you at the conclusion of a trial.

  • Why did the jury decide for or against your client?

  • How did the fact and expert witness testimonies impact the jury's final verdict?

  • Did your demonstratives and graphics tell the story you intended? 

  • Did the jury understand the key elements of the case? 

  • Did the jury identify with your themes or your opponent's themes?

  • Should you change or keep current strategies, expert witnesses, graphics and themes for subsequent, similar cases? 

  • Was the outcome driven by case-specific nuances or by overarching elements of the fact pattern?

If you or someone from your office were to conduct post-trial juror interviews, would you feel confident you would walk away knowing the actual answers to the above-listed questions?

When conducted by a trained trial consultant with experience in the art and science of the interview process, Post-Trial Juror Interviews can be an invaluable resource to understanding the jury decision-making process. ​

Post-Trial Juror Interviews are effective and generate valid results only when these seemingly obvious, but often neglected, events occur:

  • The juror wants to talk and the interviewer puts him or her at ease

  • The questions asked make sense to the lay person and are phrased in a neutral manner – that is, they do not signal the “correct” answer

  • The juror gives honest and unfiltered feedback

  • The juror feels his or her opinion matters and leaves the interview considering it to have been a positive experience

Post-Trial Juror Interviews are planned, designed, and executed in collaboration with counsel, and when conducted by Litigation IQ consultants, generate valid, trustworthy findings that can be used to develop future litigation strategies.

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