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Witness Preparation

Every witness experiences certain fears, anxieties, frustrations, communication challenges, and misperceptions about their role as a witness within the legal process. These critical factors ultimately hinder one’s ability to tell the truth effectively during deposition or when on the stand.  The experienced consultants with Litigation IQ tailor their Witness Preparation sessions to address and resolve both psychological and communication barriers – the very hurdles that all too often interfere with effective testimony.

Witness Preparation is conducted in a collaborative manner with counsel and includes these essential phases: ​

Phase 1: Uncovering and resolving personal, psychological and emotional barriers. 

Phase 2: Educating the witness about the nuances of jury psychology. 

Phase 3: Teaching the witness practical tools and coping skills to handle the psychological challenges of testifying under oath.  

Phase 4: Teaching a communication skill set specific to the deposition or trial setting that will enable the witness to thrive in the adversarial setting – including during direct- and cross-examination.

Phase 5: Having the witness perform in a realistic, simulated deposition or mock direct- and cross-examination – and then providing targeted feedback to identify errors in testimony delivery and to teach the witness how to increase his or her communication efficiency and effectiveness while under oath. 

Upon successful completion of Witness Preparation, the witness will have acquired the communication skills, emotional stability, and psychological tools necessary to handle the rigors of testifying with confidence and poise. 

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